Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster?

The Groundbreaking Book by

Elder Law Attorney Rajiv Nagaich

Read this book if you want to age at home without going broke and without burdening your family.

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About the Author:

Rajiv Nagaich, J.D., LL.M

Rajiv Nagaich is an elder law attorney, retirement planning thought leader, speaker, and radio/television host who has electrified the nation with his new way of thinking about, planning for, and navigating through retirement.

Nationally recognized by his peers for his cutting-edge work with retirees and his contributions to the practice of elder law, Rajiv Nagaich was inducted as Fellow by the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) in 2014 and is a three-time winner of the NAELA Pacesetter Award.

70% of Americans Won't Achieve Their
Most Basic Retirement Wishes.

This Book Shows You Why.

As an elder law attorney, Rajiv Nagaich has spent more than two decades as a first responder of sorts, helping older adults and their family caregivers cope with retirement plan failure. Despite doing exactly what their trusted advisors had told them to do—enrolling in Medicare, saving plenty of money, buying long-term care insurance, and creating an estate plan—Rajiv's clients found themselves forced into institutional care, assets lost to unplanned care costs, and a burden to their families. In Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster, you will learn the shocking truth about why this happens.

You Can Do Better!

This Book Shows You How.

Through stories, examples, and personal insights, Rajiv takes you along on his journey of expanding awareness about a uniquely American phenomenon that has no name: millions of older Americans are sleepwalking their way into nursing homes, forced impoverishment, and humiliation, yet no one seems to notice or care!

In Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster, Rajiv Nagaich shines the spotlight on the planning paradigms that lead to an astounding 70% of older adults to end up in long-term care facilities, their money gone, and a burden on their families.

>> Learn why wealth accumulation, legal documents, and long-term care insurance won’t be enough to keep you out of institutional care.

>> Discover the disconnect between the goals you have for your retirement years and the goals the retirement planning industry has for you.


>> Find out how hidden biases among professionals can land you in a nursing home even though you don’t want to be there.


>> See how profit motives and conflicts of interest keep you from learning about planning options that might benefit you.


>> Learn how Powers of Attorney create more burdens than they relieve.

Along the way, you will discover a proven way to create the retirement of your dreams. Age where you choose without going broke and without burdening your family. Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster shows you how!


If you have the foresight to plan for retirement, you must read Your Retirement: Dream or Nightmare?. Author Rajiv Nagaich, a preeminent elder law attorney, has given you a retirement roadmap. With passion and candor, he shares the story of a loved one’s personal retirement nightmare which drove him to law school for the sole purpose of helping others avoid the pitfalls and achieve a healthy and successful retirement. This book tells a moving story while informing you of the steps needed to create your own retirement plan. It addresses the issues and warns you of the unexpected pitfalls. If you or a loved one are planning to retire, read this book! Richard Tizzano, Esq., author of Accidental Safari 

MUST READ!!!! This book is superb. Rajiv has an understanding of Life Planning unlike any other. For anyone aging, with aging parents, or aging loved ones, in other words EVERYONE, this resource is one of a kind and more useful than any I have previously read. I wish I had this knowledge when I was in my younger years as it could have been shared with so many beloved friends. As a Reverse Mortgage professional working exclusively with an older population…… this book has VALUE BEYOND MEASURE. Laura J Kiel, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Rajiv Nagaich’s book, and for that matter his whole career, aims to burst the false bubble of the golden retirement with the reality that too often occurs when aging is accompanied by physical or cognitive decline. But, fortunately, he then provides the tools seniors, their families and their
advisors can use to create the fulfilling old age they deserve. Harry S. Margolis, Attorney

Rajiv Nagaich stands out as a fierce advocate for those who wish to age in place on their own terms. Stephanie Haslam, Elder Law Attorney, Seattle, Washington

Finally! Rajiv Nagaich makes all the pieces of the overwhelming retirement puzzle fit together. Randy Foley, client via Facebook

Rajiv shows you how the system really works and what you need to pull everything together for a safe and happy retirement. Chandra Lewnau, Elder Law Attorney, Seattle, Washington

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